Tracking Results and Reporting

optimize the pages for your targeted keywords

When your websites are ready with us, we optimize the pages of your websites for your targeted keywords. After this we submit your websites to the web directories. Next step involves reviewing your progress and then making necessary improvements. Examining your daily progress with a number of online reporting tools is a critical step in any SEO campaign. One has to track the site statistics, positioning of the keyword and some other criteria to measure your website on the basis of strong and weak properties.

The well-organized projects will lose their relevancy if they do not receive or make improvements in their processes. For supporting this shift towards the achievements of the results, it will require observing and evaluating the framework to be more consistent for promoting learning and measuring the performances.

We have a team of well qualified and intelligent SEO professionals that knows how to deliver the initial analysis report of your website. Your report consist of keyword ranking, title tag review, meta tag analysis, competitor rank report and all other factors involved in SEO campaign. On the other hand the ongoing reports will include new keyword ranking improvements, link domain progression and any recommendations for the content.

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