Viral Marketing

one of the most effective ways of advertising

Viral Marketing – one of the most effective ways of advertising. This type of marketing is based on the features of the person/product to share with family, friends, acquaintances fun and interesting information.

Viral marketing now uses the Internet habits of people to share with others new and useful information. Methods of viral marketing is not new, and exists from hundred years. Their essence is to create conditions under which your goods or services are actively encouraged to customers themselves. You can always see at a glance whether any idea the basis of “pure” viral marketing. This is an idea, which you voluntarily tell your friends and put it in his blog.

Viral marketing – a strategy in which the product, service or advertising, so affect the man that he is “infected” the idea of the spread of the product itself becomes its advertising agent.

The popularity of viral Internet marketing has been a noticeable increase: Fast Web feeds allow users to easily share videos, photos and music files. What contributes to the spread of viral marketing is the growing popularity of various online communities and blogs (Live Journal,,

Nearly one in three who received an interesting message, sends it to your friend. IBM, Microsoft, Volvo, Mercedes, Adobe, American Express, Procter & Gamble, Nissan and many other large corporations actively use viral Internet marketing to promote their products.

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